Erasmus Student Network Algarve started as an informal group of students in November 2013 with the wish of creating an Official ESN section in Algarve. At the time some of the members were part of the Project "Welcome to Faro", that had the same purpose as ESN - "Students Helping Students". During that time we helping the exchange students studying in University of Algarve in their integration in our city and also supporting and organizing activities for them. In July 2014 we were approved by ESN Portugal and officially became ESN Algarve, since then we have been growing and working on improving our section and also give all the income exchange students the best time of their lives.


Hi there, I'm Gharby! The official ESN Algarve Mascot!


My history is quite cute, on that time when Algarve still had the name of Al-Gharb I was already in this coast's surfing, so they gave me the name of Gharby! And now I came back to show you around. Come and interact with me on Facebook!

ESN Algarve