The University of the Algarve provides the students with some basic medical services, specified bellow:

  • General Practitioner (normal Doctor) - Dr.ª Ofélia da Ponte - Appointments every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13h30 to 15h30; 
  • Nutritionist - João Montez - Appointments every Monday and Wednesday from 14h to 17h;
  • Psychologist - Appointments every Monday and Friday from 14h to 17h (for more information go to:;

The university also has protocols with the following clinics:

Clínica ‘O Meu Médico’

The entire academic community, provided you present updated proof, will have a discount of 30% on the value of the price list, only for the consultations, excluding medical acts. (Price Table)*

More information go to

Phone: 289 828 104 / 927 549 339


Clínica de Medicina Dentária da Sé (Dentist)

The discount on the query will be 15% on the value of the price list. The student card, teacher or updated employee must be presented. (Price Table)*

Phone: 289 827 833 / 912 571 069

*Don't forget you will need to present proof that you are studying at the university.