The Student Union Office of Sports aims to facilitate and promote the practice of sporting activities, to meet healthy living habits, or to satisfy the needs of competition activities, training the individual and acquiring new knowledge, as a complement to academic life. Located in the spaces of AAUALG and is the service that deals with the accomplishment of physical activity at the University of the Algarve, both in terms of activities, teams, competitions as well as access to sports facilities.

Group Classes timetable (Academic Year 2018/2019):


Monday - 19.30h⎪20.20h
Wednesday - 18.30h⎪19.20h
Total Fit
Monday - 18.30h⎪19.20h
Wednesday - 19.30h⎪20.20h
Tai Chi/Chi Kung
Monday - 20.30h⎪21.20h
Wednesday - 20.30h⎪21.20h
Tuesday - 20.30h⎪21.20h
Thursday - 20.30h⎪21.20h
Fitness Lunch 
Tuesday - 12.45h⎪13.30h
Thursday - 12.45h⎪13.30h
Tuesday - 18.30h⎪19.20h
Thursday - 18.30h⎪19.20h
Tuesday - 19.30h⎪20.20h
Thursday - 19.30h⎪20.20h

Kiryu ∙ Qigong ∙ Taichi
Monday and Wednesday - 10h⎪10h45 - ANFUP Room, Gambelas
Tuesday and Friday - 9h15⎪10h - ESEC, Penha

More Information
Prof Ana Margarida Guerreiro: 917 486 608
Sport’s Office⎪


1 Activity
1 class: Student - 3€, Alumni/Staff - 3,50€, External - 4€
Monthly: Student - 10€, Alumni/Staff - 15€, External - 20€
All Access
Monthly: Student -20€, Alumni/Staff - 30€, External - 40€.

You can find the timetables for the group classes here.

Training timetable (Academic Year 2018/2019):


Women’s Basketball
Monday - 20.30h⎪21.30h
Wednesday - 20.30h⎪21.30h
Pinheiro e Rosa Pavilion (Pavilhão Pinheiro e Rosa)

Men’s Basketball
Monday - 21.30h⎪23h
Wednesday - 21.30h⎪23h
Pinheiro e Rosa Pavilion (Pavilhão Pinheiro e Rosa)

11-a-side Men’s Football
Monday - 21.30h⎪23h
Penha Football Pitch (Campo Futebol Penha)
Wednesday - 21h⎪22.45h
Horta da Areia Football Pitch (Campo Horta da Areia)

Women’s 5-a-side Football/Futsal 
Tuesday - 21.45h⎪23h
Afonso III Pavilion (Pavilhão Afonso III)
Wednesday - 21.30h⎪22.30h
Penha Pavilion (Pavilhão da Penha)

Men’s 5-a-side Football/Futsal 
Monday - 21.30h⎪22.30h
Thursday - 17.30h⎪18.30h
Penha Pavilion (Pavilhão da Penha)
Wednesday - 20.30h⎪21.30h
Estoi Pavilion (Pavilhão de Estoi)

Women’s Volleyball
Tuesday - 21.30h⎪23h
Thursday - 21.30h⎪23h
Penha Pavilion (Pavilhão da Penha)

Men’s Volleyball
Tuesday - 21h⎪23h
Thursday - 21h⎪23h
Joaquim Magalhães Pavilion (Pavilhão Joaquim Magalhães)


Registration for the competative sports and group classes can be done in these locations:

  • AAUALG Main Office 10h⎪13h - 14h⎪17h
  • Penha Copy Centre 8.30h⎪21h
  • Gambelas Copy Centre 8.30h⎪19h

Location: Room 57 - ESEC Gym - Penha

More information: