Special conditions upon opening an account

NBup account

The NBup account is designed for students like you, aged between 18 and 30 years.

Give the first step in preparing yourself for a new academic year. Apply to our student bank account.

Excellent conditions:

FREE opening account and maintenance costs

FREE debit card fees

FREE online banking fees

FREE European Union money tranfer fees

Feel the Freedom

Take control of your finances - With NBup, you guide your own account.

To start with, there are no expenditures. Make use of our interest-free debit card.

Get instant access to your account through our online banking system - top-up your mobilhe phone, transfer money and make payments. At any time and anywhere, feel NBnet and NBdirecto close to you.

To open a new account, you will need to provide us with an opening investment of €25 and:
ID or Passport
Original documentary of proof of your address
Original documentary proof of your Portuguese address (University's letter of acceptance, utility bills or current home rent/insurance certificate)
Student identification/matriculation card
Portuguese Fiscal Number card (Preferred), but if you don't have we can take care of you!